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Bad painting

prize 2021

The annual Bad Painting Prize originated at Wimbledon College of Arts over a decade ago and has been a highlight of its calendar. On the one hand it is a high-jinx live auction of crass and subjectively likeable works. On the other it is a critical platform, questioning the role of taste in the commodification of the art object.

You decide.

Thursday 18 March 2021 at 4 pm

See the artworks below and bid live at this link

or by email to in advance 


‘The wheel of hope in pandemic life’ by Margarita Ieva Loze

'Locked in a box' by Alex Appleby

'Gremlin', Acrylic on Fabriano Rosaspina paper by Karen David

'Lockdown Walks' by Michal Adamczewski

'Vaping Woman in Thought' by Jin Han Lee

'Free in my Cage' by Ben Watson


'WCA Marmite' by Emma Phillips


'The Handforth Parish Council Meeting' by Emma Phillips. Pen and ink

image0 (1)

'having a penguin bar come on girls x' by anonymous

20210314_140846 (2)

'Run away!' by Alex Warren Watercolour and black ink


'Family Tree' by Issy Grew Pencil, watercolour and soft pastel (A4)


'An extraordinary transaction' by Poppy Wellings. Chalk pastel, tea, hair, string and ink on paper

a pile of cardboard and an exorcism

'a pile of cardboard and an exorcism' by Suzy Round Tracing paper, pencil, duvet stuffing and poster paint.


'A for Effort' by Charles Gordon


" 😉 " by Diogo Gama


'MOEW' by Kyran Gilbert


“Sugar Baby Gone Wild in Gstaad” by Lila Boutari Lalaouni


Hunting by Catarina Moura digital painting


by Jake van den Bogaerde

Coca Pollock

Coca Pollock by Eleana Kostiani


Adoration by Catarina Maura Digital painting

UAL Supers

UAL Supers by Michelle Fuyane


'Wanna Flamin-go out with me?' by Louis Ruegg

little toe goes OOF

"When your little toe goes OOF" by Oda Skeie Rødsand

'PC Punch' by Nelson Diplexcito

Geraint Evans Bonnet 41.5 x 29.5cm 2001.

Bonnet by Geraint Evans

Eat the rich

Eat the Rich by Henri Affandi oil on paper


'Peppa with no pep' by Emma Prosser


'Not all Men' by Lucie Harrison

Holy Cow

'Holy Cow' by Jenny McKimm


Bingo. by Anja Schwegler Bingo pens on paper.


'The Snake' by Henry Kent

'Tears of a Clown' by Nelson Diplexcito

teacher's pet

'Teacher's Pet' by Lucie Harrison

'Ratboy' by Emma Phillips

Protect the NHS

'Protect the NHS' by Sofia Volpe

'We will miss WCA painting to pieces'

'We will miss WCA painting to pieces' by Elena Rivera-Montanes Acrylic on watercolour paper

by Alexandra Koskinen

white people like to clap when the plane lands

'white people like to clap when the plane lands' by Zeena Al Tai Marker and watercolour on paper

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