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Mark Fairnington

Created in the late 19th and early 20th century the Henry Wellcome Collection aimed to demonstrate ‘by means of objects….the actuality of every notable step in the evolution More text

Zoë Mendelson

Zoë Mendelson is an artist and writer with a multimedia collagist practice, using collation as a methodological framework for creating networks between psychoanalytic theory,

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Neal Tait

Diverse in palette and composition, Neal Tait’s paintings and drawings explore tensions between the figurative and the abstract, the beautiful and the grotesque

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Alex Veness

Although painting is central to his practice, Alex Veness also makes work using a self-built scanner-camera and is a founder member of Class Wargames, an international collective of artists,

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Suzy Round

Suzy Round’s artist’s practice is (usually) as half of the collaboration Barbaresi & Round. Their collective work is about places and buildings and incorporates painting, wall

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Nelson Diplexcito

‘Whether I’m making paintings, films or photographs… I’m always trying to communicate something of the experience of seeing; the direct encounter with the image, the painting or More text

Tom Cardwell

Tom Cardwell uses painting as a means to explore the potential of objects to act as crossing points for successive layers of cultural and subcultural narrative.

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Geraint Evans

Geraint Evans is interested in the ways in which we perceive, encounter and experience the natural world and read it as landscape. His figurative paintings employ a stylized More text

Ian Monroe

Ian Monroe was born in New York in 1972 and currently lives and works in London. He received his MA from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2002. Monroe  More text

Tim Johnson

My work focuses primarily on painting although in the past I have also made wall mounted and free standing objects. I am fascinated by proportional relationships between visual

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Paula Smithard

Paula Smithard undertakes research that explores: feminist art practice and its legacy and issues of gender, sexuality and difference in contemporary art; surrealism and after including 

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Alan Magee

Alan Magee is an Irish artist whose practice crosses many disciplines from sculpture, installation and drawing, to a variety of lens-based media. Often addressing issues that arise from the politics of power  

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KImathi Donkor

Dr Kimathi Donkor attained his PhD at Chelsea College of Arts in 2016 with research centering on his production of paintings that explored unacknowledged Africana in Tate’s collection of British art.

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Make Myself Up, 2019, 200x180 cm, oil on

Alicia Paz

Alicia Paz's paintings, collages and standing figures deal primarily with identity and the notion of a divided subject/author, and explore the mutability of subjectivity. In recent years, Paz has focused on the female figure

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Anna Bunting-Branch

Anna Bunting-Branch’s work in painting, moving image and writing explores feminist visions and re-visions of history.  Inspired by the desire for different kinds of languages – as between painting and digital animation; image and object; fact and fiction – her practice plays with the boundaries    

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Jin Han Lee

My paintings draw upon both my South Korean heritage and the experience of living and working in the UK, where English is my second language. My paintings often show women at rest, at work, and at play, exploring moments of introspection and connection that are difficult to describe in words.

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