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Borderlands: Collage into Painting

Collage is prevalent in our studios and in research methodologies that hot-desk between media. It is methodologically twinned with Google - the ultimate space of the Baroque. With regard to painting, collage comes up in relation to appropriation, a plundering of histories and a skewed relationship to the ground. In local terms, it links us as a staff body. We are excited by the topography and psychology of a join as a fault-line – simultaneously combining and pulling apart: a destabilising addition that creates new wholes by pointing out distinctions within the sum of their parts. Collage acts as a resistance to the limits or edges of things, hybridising and undoing the discrete.

Andrea Medjesi-Jones
2 February 2017
On Collage:
13 October 2016
Nelson Diplexcito, Geraint Evans, Zoe Mendelson
Ian Monroe, Suzy Round, Neal Tait
Alexis Teplin
19 January 2017
The Edges
Ian Monroe
27 October 2016
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