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Emma Cousin

We are thrilled to announce that artist, Emma Cousin will be resident in the BA Painting studios  at Wimbledon College of Arts this autumn.


Emma’s works reflect her interest in the slippery line between seriousness and humour, and how we navigate it. Central to her vocabulary is her deployment of legs, a vehicle that allows her to explore pattern, form and legibility to ask the questions, 'where are we' and 'what are we doing'; the ultimate answer of course being that we don't really know. Cousin makes the figurative ‘legs’ and their environmental elements oscillate with abstracted and geometric forms, heightening their visual tension and absurdity and disrupting our ability to read the image.


Cousin’s legs are a syntax to explore hermetic systems of painting where handling manipulates the reading of the image and the energy of the composition.

This residency in Painting forms part of our year long Research thematic, Borderlands: Collage into Painting.




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