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Best Practice at Delta House Studios

Karen David / Lee Triming

14 - 27 May 2016

For this exhibition at Best Practice, Karen David and Lee Triming present work produced in response to their recent residencies in the Painting department at Wimbledon College of Art. 


For the opening of the show, Lee Triming will present Cups 4 Picasso (demo), a performance developed over two weeks in the gallery space.  The work will call on Jasper Johns, Alice B. Toklas, Aldo Busi, Valerie Solanas and others to make appearances through a combination of live and pre-recorded sound based in part on Wire’s notorious Document and Eyewitness album.


Karen David will present of paintings from her ongoing series The Truth is Out There, where as a methodological tool each painting has been titled chronologically after an episode from the TV series The X-Files. Starting with the first episode Pilot, the series will one day end with last episode The Truth.




Lee Triming (b. 1971) is a London-based artist interested in shuffling; both as a formal device employing repetition and reconfiguration to generate composition, and as a way of keeping sets of references in shifting relation.  Drawing, writing, appropriation and performance are areas wherein and between which he shuffles gestures and figures.  A diagram of his current interests would make connections between formalist abstraction, occult traditions, pop (sub)cultures and experimental literature.  Recent works have involved ventriloquising Gertrude Stein, summoning Yoko Ono and pretending to be one of Paul Thek’s sculptures.  Recent performances and exhibitions include Miss Hamilton’s Mayhem at RADA, I Demoni at MH Projects, Look at Me Now and Here I Am at Bow Arts and The Amateur Poacher at Winter Projects.


Karen David (b.1976) is a London-based artist and writer exploring the mutability of values and aesthetics hierarchies. By engaging with the act of painting through the keyhole of post-painterly abstraction and the eyes of the hobbyist or craft artist, paintings are made utilising tie-dye techniques which hover in this contested territory of hierarchical aesthetics. David’s multi-disciplinary practice examines themes and notions of mysticism and consumerism with direct reference to the domestic and the interior through her use of materials, mediums and cultures such as; tie-dye, crystals and dreamcatchers. Recent exhibitions include Pure Reason Tint of Violet, VITRINE, Without Shores, ASC Gallery, Anti-Social Realism, Charlie Smith Gallery, A Union of Voices, Horatio Jr, Searching for the Viable Essence, Jacob’s Island Gallery and Tomb, Shrine, Survey-Marker, Enclave Projects.

Lee Triming

Karen David

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