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Chiara Messineo is an experienced specialist factual Producer/Director with credits ranging from documentaries on fine art, history and religion for major TV broadcasters. A storyteller with a strong visual flair, she has a knack for gaining access to the inaccessible: from sites closed to the public, such as the Vatican, to restricted sections of world class museums.


Messineo has set up complex shoots, including filming at archeological digs and at groundbreaking historical discoveries as they unfolded. She was responsible for building a full-scale Roman lift in the Coliseum and releasing a wolf in the arena after 1500 years for an American TV documentary. Messineo loves finding the overlooked angle that leads to an unexpected discovery, such as a set of lost Picassos drawn on restaurant napkins. 

Chiara Messineo first worked with Pistoletto on a documentary for Bloomberg. Here is the link.

Here is our brochure for the event at Wimbledon College of Arts

The above text can be found at Simon Lee gallery's website. A link to the artist's forthcoming show with the gallery is at

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