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Punk in the Suburbs

Actually, the suburbs are far more sinister places than most city dwellers imagine. Their very blandness forces the imagination into new areas. I mean, one’s got to get up in the morning thinking of a deviant act, merely to make certain of one’s freedom. It needn’t be much; kicking the dog will do.

J G Ballard

Punk in the Suburbs
29 October 2015
Neal Tait, Alex Veness, Geraint Evans
Suzy Round, Zoë Mendelson
Hitsville UK: Punk in the Faraway Towns
19 May 2016
Russell Bestley
Organised by Geraint Evans
Ladybird Modernism
5 May 2016
A talk by John Grindrod
Organised by Suzy Round
Suburbia and the British Sitcom
28 April 2016
Paul Mendelson in conversation with Geraint Evans
17 March 2016
Chaired by Lois Rowe
with Laura Oldfield-Ford, Catherine Grant, Fliss Collier
Convened by Zoe Mendelson
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