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Best Practice at Delta House Studios


12 - 29 October 2016


Phillip Allen, Barbaresi & Round, Tom Cardwell, Emma Cousin, Nelson Diplexcito, Kimathi Donkor, Geraint Evans, Dereck Harris, Tim Johnson, Zoë Mendelson, Ian Monroe, Alicia Paz, Neal Tait, Alex Veness


The selfie - that awkward bedfellow of our Shelfie - memorialises us beyond the immediacy it presupposes. The momentary becomes infinitely scrollable, both lost to the Baroque of the internet and forever confined to its potent rolodex.

Last year eleven BA Painting students got prick 'n' poke WCA tatoos: The permanency of their art school experience embodied as legacy-lexicon on their thighs and upper backs. Bodies coerced into a joint gathering of named experience rather than the individual, can't-be-helped scars or scuffs we all carry without will or game plan. This is storage.

The work we make memorialises us - sometimes coming after - always fashioning a collection of stuff to house and wrap and show or destroy. This exhibition conjoins storage and biography, noting what we make and how we make it, alongside archiving us together: Fourteen academics and artists (I mean, artists and academics) shelved briefly in the same section.

Zoë Mendelson



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