Zoë Mendelson This Mess is a Place

This Mess is a Place:

A Collapsible Anthology of Collections and Clutter

Edited, Compiled and Misfiled by Zoë Mendelson

This Mess examines hoarding and its relationship to collection across disciplines. Art practice and critical theory co-exist with clinical and scientific research, thus creating overlaps and crises of ‘usefulness’ akin to submersion of materials within a hoard or pursuits of order within collection. The publication is unbound – illogical and precarious, containing loose leaves and nominal filing systems. The reader is responsible for ordering/dis-ordering the piece.

CONTRIBUTORS (full list):

Artistic projects by Jim Bay (UK); Michel Blazy (FR); Carrie M Becker (USA); Marjolijn Dijkman (NL); Nat Goodden (UK), Jefford Horrigan (UK); Dean Hughes (UK); Mierle Laderman Ukeles (USA); Robert Melee (USA); Zoë Mendelson (UK); Florence Peake (UK); Michael Samuels (UK); Kathryn Spence (USA); Tomoko Takahashi; Robin Waart (NL); Julian Walker (UK) and Laura White (UK).

Essays and documents by Dr. Colin Jones (Senior Lecturer/Researcher in Applied Health and Social Sciences, UK); Dr. Haidy Geismar (lecturer in digital anthropology and material culture, US/UK);Jeremy Gill (urban planner and theorist, AUS); Cecilie Gravesen (artist, curator and writer, UK/Den); Dr. Alberto Pertusa (consultant psychiatrist, UK); Daniel Rourke (artist and researcher, UK); Isobel Hunter (archivist and Head of Engagement at the National Archives, UK); Satwant Singh (nurse practitioner and cognitive behavourial therapist, UK); Nina Folkersma (curator and critic, NL); Alberto Duman (artist, writer, UK).

The publication also includes documentary photography by Paula Salischiker (ARG) and an interview with an anonymous hoarder’s daughter.

25 x 19 cm, 205 pages, digital and risograph printing, varied papers, portfolio of pamphlets and loose leaves in a printed card folio.

ISBN 978-1-908452-40-5

Published using AND Public and supported by Wellcome Trust and Artsadmin. October 2013.

Concept and design by Zoë Mendelson in collaboration with And Publishing.

Logo by Carolin Jap Lim