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Best Practice at Delta House Studios


16 October - 30 November 2015


Sam Dargan, Geraint Evans, Tom Helyar-Cardwell

Esther Planas, Emma Talbot, Joey Ryken

Curated by Zoë Mendelson and Joey Ryken 


From September 2015, Painting Research at Wimbledon will have its own exhibition space at Delta House Studios, Riverside Road SW17. The space will be inaugurated on 15 October 2015 from 5:30 pm with a launch event for Punk in the Suburbs, our research thematic.


The first show in the space, Lurk/Destroy, drawing upon this theme, will be co-curated by artists, Zoë Mendelson and Joey Ryken and open in October 2015.  The exhibition will focus on the suburbs as a space for co-existing fantasies of failure and production. It will consider how dissemination – via the ‘zine – creates a centre from an outskirt.


Artists include Emma Talbot, Sam Dargan, Geraint Evans, Tom Helyar-Cardwell, Joey Ryken and Esther Planas. The show runs alongside a related programme of events at Wimbledon College of Arts.



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