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BA Fine Art Painting

Catherine Taylor, 2016

BA Fine Art, Painting at Wimbledon encourages dynamic enquiry as both subject specialist and as a lead into interdisciplinarity. Teaching is both bespoke and collective – within a culture of encouraging individual practice and communal dialogue. Our course recognises studio culture as inclusive of specialist technical support and material knowledge, including access to a specialist painting technician. Our studios are purpose-built and named after nightclubs and exist alongside a range of project spaces named after processes. The space is lively, collective and facilitates the exchange of ideas. We are committed to navigating histories of painting as a route into innovation and criticality, and we view critical enquiry into the discipline as essentially reflective and contextualizing. We see painting as research.


We are a team of practicing artists who are active researchers, showing and publishing internationally. Our work includes painting, drawing, writing, animation, photography, performance, sculpture and filmmaking.

Links to texts for incoming students 2018

MA Fine Art Painting

The MA Painting course at Camberwell College of Arts offers the opportunity for resourceful and enquiring students to make a deep investigation of a discipline that is constantly widening its scope. The course is designed to support the development of your practical, research and professional skills in preparation for your continued progression into the professional or academic worlds.

We recognise painting’s enduring capacity for invention and reinvention and the fact that painterly practices might be interpreted through a range of media. But we also aim to pose searching questions about painting’s current concerns and where it goes next.


These questions will be addressed through your individual studio and written work and through collective and shared dialogues and debates. You will develop your key questions and ideas from an initial period of review and experimentation within a challenging and supportive learning and teaching environment. You will be encouraged to understand and articulate the context for your ideas and the ways in which your research is manifested in your artwork

Abir Mukerjee, Know Yourself Inside Out, 2017

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