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Zoë Mendelson

Dr Zoë Mendelson is an artist and writer with an expanded field practice that owes its spatialisation, historical narratives and compositional framework to painting. She has exhibited and performed widely in the UK and abroad, including Fondation Cartier, Paris; CRAC Alsace, Chapter, Cardiff and Science Museum, London.


Zoë’s specific research interests as an artist are focused on disorder - in psychological terms - as a culturally produced phenomenon, in parallel to its clinical and spatial counterparts. She is interested in how culture coopts psychological and medical motifs and spectacularises them, leading to complex and widespread mis-readings. This has led her to produce artworks in direct response to imagery produced or used within medicine itself - particularly in diagnostics.

She has a PhD from Central St Martins and is co-founder and editor of The Edit, an online and inclusive, de-canonised bibliography for students in Fine Art and related fields, now used in Arts education internationally.

Zoë is Head of Painting & Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art. 



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